Simply Giving 

“Simply Giving®” is a way to simplify your giving through automatic payments - and give to God first.  Consider making use of this easy way of supporting the ministry we share by having your offerings electronically transferred from your checking or savings account to Alleluia on a schedule of your choosing.  There’s no cost to you for this service.  What’s more, you can give of your "first fruits" and be sure that your faithful and regular support of Alleluia’s ministries will continue uninterrupted, even when you’re away and not able to attend worship!

 If you are interested in enrolling, please fill out the Simply Giving® form and return it to the church office with your voided check or routing number.  We’ll do the rest.  (By the way, if you still wish to put something in the offering plate in worship, we’ll provide you with orange cards that have “Simply Giving” on them.  That way you can still participate in the offering time at church.)  Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Simply Giving® Program:

Do individuals need to be members to participate in Simply Giving®? No.  Participation is open to all members and friends of our church.

Are there any charges for individuals or congregations to participate in Simply Giving®? No.  All transaction fees are paid by Alleluia Lutheran Church.  There is no charge to the participant.

How can funds be withdrawn directly from a participant’s bank account? Account withdrawals are made only with prior authorization from the participant.  No funds will be withdrawn unless the participant specifically authorizes the transaction to occur.

When would the automatic contribution be taken from the participant’s bank account? Participants can specify whether they want contributions made:

•One-time donation

•Monthly on the 1st.

•Monthly on the 15th.

•Semi-monthly on the 1st and the 15th.

Are electronic contributions risky? An electronic contribution is safer than writing a check as it can’t be lost, stolen, or destroyed in the mail.

Simply Giving is a program that enables people to transfer funds electronically. Many of us use electronic funds transfers (EFT) to meet regular commitments such as mortgage, insurance and utility payments. Simply Giving extends the use of EFT to individuals wishing to make contributions to Alleluia Lutheran Church electronically.

With the Simply Giving program, funds can only be withdrawn with your authorization. You can specify whether you want your contributions made on a one-time basis, weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly. Your contribution is made on a pre-established day so that you can record it for your checking or savings records. Alleluia will continue to provide you with a statement of your offerings to facilitate record keeping. If you have any questions, contact Kelly Branch at (763) 497-5816 or by email at You will find this an easy way to have your own personal stewardship plan implemented, and you will help Alleluia Lutheran Church continue to fulfill its ministries.

If you are interested in enrolling in the Simply Giving program, complete the form (available here) and turn it in to the church office and or to the welcome desk attendant.