Growing in Christ


A child's faith journey begins with Baptism. Because this Sacrament is a free gift from God, it is available to all, including infants and children. When a child is baptized, he or she is welcomed into the family of God. As a congregation, we promise to pray for the child and support parents as they raise their child in the faith. Children who are baptized receive a baptismal blanket, made by a member of Alleluia, as a sign that they are being wrapped in the love and prayers of the congregation.

Growing in Christ

These resources for parents of children birth-age 3, provide resources that are appropriate for the child's faith development. Parents receive information and tools throughout their child's first three years to help them nurture their child's faith.

Welcome to Sunday School

This Milestone event takes place in the spring before a child starts Sunday School at the age of 3. It is an opportunity for both child and parent to explore what Sunday School will be like so both feel comfortable starting this new adventure.