Pledging - An Act of Faith

Making a pledge to the church is more than a way to help us plan our budget. It is an act of faith. A pledge is a commitment of financial resources to further God's vision in the world through the ministry of Alleluia. Planning what to give, rather than waiting to see what is left over, is a way to give of our "first fruits" -- giving back to God what God has first given us before spending our money on other things.

A pledge is not a binding contract, but a prayerful commitment of what you plan to give throughout the coming year. Like any other spiritual practice such as prayer or Bible reading, pledging also helps you to set a goal and to make a commitment to being disciplined in your giving as a way to grow in your faith and trust in God.

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Whatever your heart clings to and confides in, that is really your God.
— Martin Luther